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            昆明  大理  麗江  香格里拉  西雙版納  瀘沽湖   騰沖


              瀘沽湖是一頗有名氣的高原湖泊,位于云南寧蒗彝族自治縣和四川鹽源縣之間,距麗江大研鎮270多公里,距寧蒗縣城73公里。湖水面積51.8平方公里,平均湖深40.3米,最深處93.5米,未受任何污染,最大能見度達12米,水面海拔2680米。瀘沽湖四周森林茂密,空氣清新,由于人煙稀少,是目前全國范圍內遭受人為破壞最輕、自然生態保護的最好的地方之一。瀘沽湖水清澈透眼,四周風景如詩如畫,秀麗迷人。湖內有鯉魚、細鱗魚、瀘沽裂腹魚等。 瀘沽湖畔居住的摩梭人至今還保留著母系社會的遺風,在家中以年長或能干的女性為一家之主,男不娶、女不嫁,只建立偶居關系。 
          More than 300 km north of Lijiang, there lies the mysterious Lugu Lake, People call it the "Mother Lake". The deep blue water is crystal clear. To its northwest is the Goddess Gemu Mountain, which stands far away facing a second mountain said to be her lover. On the shores of the lake there is a women's kingdom, where the Mosuo people live and observe the social customs of a matriarchal society. Women play a leading role in the family economy. No marriage ceremony is held. Once a young man or woman is affirmed as grown up through a special ritual, he or she can live with his or her beloved. Their children special ritual, he or she can live with his or her beloved. Their children will be raised by the mother's family. Facing the water and beside the mountains,the Mosuo people live in houses called "Muleng", which are warm in winter and cool in summer. The fire basin in the principal room is the center of family life. Two pillars support the fire basin, the one on the left represents man and the one on the right, woman. This is where the ritual for celebrating adulthood is held. 
              According to the Mosuo tradition, Goddess Gemu is in charge of love, birth and grain. Every 25th day of the seventh lunar month is the day to make sacrifice to the Goddess. People burn pine branches and offer food and fresh flowers to her. Then they run beside the mountain and sing, dance and eat together by the lake. When night comes, campfires can be seen in every village. The young men and women join hands and dance happily around the fire,seeking their perfect love.

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